Friday, September 22, 2006

This tobacco store is between a Fine Dining restaruant, and the buffet in Fitzgearld's Casino. Hmmmmm, could Seamus O'Manske be any relation to our own Paul "Slots" Manske? Since this was a few feet from his previous office, I think there may be a connection

Northern California has always been famous for it's "Home Grown" entertainment crops.. Makes you wonder how the city of Weed got it's name....

Possible the last picture I take of Mount Shasta before the snow falls this year...

This is 4 or 5 miles from the California Border. From here, it's all down hill going home! This has been a good ride. I left Reno at 10:30 AM today, with a full tummy from the Fitzgearld's buffet. I pulled into my garage in Coos Bay at 7:33 this evening. The round trip, including the little riding while there, was 1064.3 miles. It's a shame I didn't find the painter I wanted, but there will be time later for that.

The End.............

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I was sort of interested in a new pair of boots, and there are a LOT of them here. The vast majority are HD or HD copies, nothing that I'm interested in. I know these Alpine Star Touring boots "Ain't made for Walkin' "

This must be the hot thing this year...Prescription goggles and riding glasses. There are 3 different ones out here on the street, and another on inside of one of the large vendor indoor setups. This and Thai BBQ booths!

Nice jacket! I've noticed many more colorful leathers this year. Still lots of black, but at least there is more of a choice now.

This is around 9 AM on Thursday. The rally officially is underway not, but Friday and Saturday will be the big days.

Just another shot from my window. This was early morning, people are just starting to come out.

This is from the little balcony in my room. 11 stories up. The band is pretty good, but loud like the rest of them that are here.

Taken on Virginia Street from in front of the Fitz. I'm standing right under the Reno arch. This is around noon on Thursday. Friday and Saturday will be the heavy traffic days. People say you won't even be able to walk down the street without bumping and shoving.

Hee Hee. Had to post this in case EZ every looks at my blogs.

This is the place where the Painter is suppose to show up tomorrow. Ol' Rambler is sure feeling plain being around all these pretty Harleys! He needs a little color! While here, we met Krazbob's nephew Rick, from Castle Rock, Washington. Talk about a small world! He recognized the Wing and the VROC plate, then tracked me down.

Every month the Harley Shop picks a lady to be on the calendar. These three just happened to be sitting there. Slots seems to know a lot about how all this takes place..................

Some very pretty chaps in front of the Road Rider of Reno store. I'll be back here at 7 AM tomorrow to check out the painter that's coming in tonight.

Slots is dreaming again! This is a very pretty Heritage Softail. He was close to trading in the Nomad. Had to get him out of the shop before he was overcome with Harley Fever.

This is a working First Aid Kit! They have an RN on duty to help out anyone with a minor problem at the Harley Shop.

This is in front of the Reno Harley Store. Lost of their own vendors there, and Loud, loud, music!

One of the more interesting bikes I saw today. The engine is a CBR1000, 6 cyclinder. A lot of good engineering went into this. Pretty ugly, but quite a bike! I have a lot of other pictures of the various parts if anyone is interested.

This was taken from the 6th floor of the Fitzgearlds parking garage. They designated that area for the bike guests at the Casino. Very handy to everything.

The crowd is thickening. This is from 11 floors up out of my room window.

Katie and Paul (Slots) Manske. In front of the Black Bear Diner in Reno.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Inside the "Java Hut", they have the fastest WiFi that I've found. It's 6 blocks from the Fitz, where I'm staying. The coffee is good, and costs less than the other place that's a little closer, but has a slower server.

This young lady was in the coffee shop this morning where I was checking mail. I asked if I could take her picture, she was agreeable. That "tat" must have hurt! I don't think she was a biker, she was with some college kids, I'm near the University of Nevada, Reno, so there are a lot of sights like this around town.

"Glitz" must be in with the Harley crowd. We passed several booths like this.

Boss Hoss had several models here, and were giving demo rides. This little '57 Chevy looked good!

Pink must be the "in" color for ladies clothing. In fact, there are a number of booths that just carry clothing for ladies. (using the term loosely:-)

Check the ground cleanance! These babies aren't exactly made for off road, or even bumpy roads. Maybe not a good bike to ride to Alaska next year? I didn't see a price on these, but the lowest price I was was on sort of a 'plain jane' for $34000 and change at another booth. These are probably in the $50-$60K range

There are more food vendors here than I've ever seen at a motorcycle event. and, the prices are higher than I've ever seen too. Even more than Sturgis. Sure smells good, and even though they are still setting up, they are doing business. Strange, you can walk into any of the many casinos along the street here, and get good healthy food for less money.

Part of the Pro-One display. It just amazes me how much money some of the manufacturers tie up in mobile equipment for the rallys. I can't see how it pays off, but guess it does.

The JP Cycles tractor..Just one of the nice vending trucks that are here..We we first started in the vending business, there were only a couple of these in the whole nation, now there are dozens.

I counted 9 different custom bike builders, and am pretty sure I missed some. They are beautiful pieces of work, but not too practical. Guess you could add a trailer hitch and pull a Kwik Kamp if you wanted to travel

The other side of the Metzeler truck is a mobile tire shop. They will busy this weekend selling and installing tires. There was a line up already, and they weren't open yet.

I usually don't take so many bike pictures, there are just too many. But, I sort of liked this one.

Real aligator skin seats. They had other exotic skins too. All made to fit Harley Davidson. Somehow I don't think "Rambler" would like a seat made from a big lizard or something....

These look good, but aren't as large as the ones we saw at the Douglas County Fair, and cost twice as much! I passed them up, but sure wanted to give them the "taste test".

A rack of gloves and masks to keep your face warm. Over 90% of the things here are aimed toward the Harley people.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And you thought Street Vibrations was a Harley Rally! The Vulcans are taking over Reno!

The "back door" of the Casino, where the valet parking takes place. This hopefully will be the last picture of Rambler without some more colorful graphics on it. If you click on the picture you can see the little Kokopelli's on the fairing.

The famous sign! Fitzgearlds is in the very center of town on Virgina Street. This is the one our own Slots used to be an owner of. It was the first one he bought into, and the last one he sold on retirement last year.

This is in the corner of Fitzgearlds. Very rare.

There will be a pin striper here tomorrow that I'll check out. Want to see as many as I can before choosing one to add a little color to Rambler! This is a large Harley dealership, covers almost 2 square large blocks! There will be a lot of vendors out here too, but it's about 3 miles from downtown.

This is one of the vendors that will be set up at the Harley Dealer.

This was taken from the 5th floor parking for Bikes. Because of staying at the Fitz, I have a 5 day parking pass to go in and out anytime. Vendors are rolling in fast now, set up will be finished by Wednesday night.

I remember when Pro 1 used to go to rallies with a little 8 foot trailer. Now, they have a beautiful huge 18 wheeler. The vendors are setting up everywhere! On the left bottom corner, you can see the entrance to the Fitzgearld over head tunnel to the Casino. I'm in right in the middle of everything.

Slots and Katie took me to dinner at a very authentic Mexican seafood restaurant. There was even live music in the early evening! This is Slots' Fajitas, I got so excited about my meal, forgot to take a picture. I had huge shrimp wrapped in bacon and cheese and roasted. Along with all the trimmings...Wonderful, and, sort of low carb. (except for the hot corn tortillas)

"Slots" in his home office. Lots of electronic marvels, and 66 years of some very nice collectables! His new 24" monitor will knock your eyes out! We had a very nice evening, visited with his lovely wife Katie, and had a house tour....and I mean tour And, had my puppy fix with their two little Yorkies!

Rambler in front of the room at a Super 8 in Reno. I'm hoping that by the time we leave to head home, there will be a little more color on him. Today the hunt for a painter starts.........................

This was the breakfast special at Heidi�s Country Restaurant on South Virginia Street in Reno. Was recommended by a local, guess it�s had a lot of awards over the years for good food and service. I took my pills, will have to get off the carbs when I leave town